The Coffee Snob’s Gift Guide

I’ve loved coffee since I was a kid. My favorite candy was a hard coffee-flavored caramel and my go-to ice cream flavor has, and always will be, coffee. Living in Portland, OR, we’re spoiled with amazing coffee shops and roasters — it’s a way of life. So it’s only fitting then that my first gift guide is dedicated to the coffee snob.

Here are a few gift ideas for the discerning coffee lover in your life.


Glass pour over – Food52 is one of my favorite resources for home goods. The shop is so well curated with objects that are both beautiful and functional. These double-walled borosilicate glass pour over brewers would be a stunning addition to any coffee station.

Chemex coffee maker – I’ve had a Chemex for years and it still makes me happy every time I use it. I have the handled version, but I love the look of the wood collar and tie.

Hario V60 and Chemex coffee filter – I personally prefer the taste and texture of paper-filtered coffee, but if you prefer a french press style pour over, you can use a metal coffee filer like this one, or the Kone coffee filter by Able Brewing. Metal filters also retain coffee’s natural oils which are supposed to be beneficial for your health.

Heart Coffee Subscription – Heart is one of my favorite local roasters. They offer monthly, weekly and bi-weekly subscriptions. There are a number of other coffee subscriptions like Atlas Coffee Club, Blue Bottle Coffee and that offer different packages.

Baratza Virtuoso grinder – Baratza makes the best coffee grinders. I’ve had the Baratza Vario for years and I use it nearly every day. The Virtuoso has steel burrs and less bells and whistles but it’s still a great grinder that will produce an even grind every time.

Cafflano travel mug – This amazing travel mug has a built-in hand grinder and filter and really thoughtful design features like markers to measure your beans and a perfect pour spout. I bring this with me on my travels so I’m guaranteed to have a good cup of coffee wherever I go.

Chemex sugar and creamer – I don’t need this but I really want it. How cute is that shape?

Fellow Stagg Gooseneck Kettle – This matte black kettle is slaying it. I already have the Hario V60 Buono Kettle, but I love the aesthetic of this one.

Stay tuned for my next gift guide that’s just for the ladies.


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